History of the Bodega Association of the United States

The Bodega Association of the United States (ASOBEU) was founded and incorporated in 1996, is a local development corporation that seeks to link the interests of independent inner city entrepreneurs, government and the non-profit sector in a partnership to promote job creation and long-term, sustainable economic and capital growth in New York City. The ASOBEU targets its efforts to the needs of the threatened business sectors of the inner city marketplace, with its current constituency rooted in the city’s retail food industry.

The organization currently represents the interests of thousands of grocery stores throughout New York State. The ASOBEU focuses on the competitive advantages of doing business in the inner city and the unique strengths offered by independently owned businesses as a basis for local job creation and economic growth.

The grocery store is an essential component of the retail food industry and a vital segment of New York City’s overall economy. In 2002, grocery stores in NYC generated annual sales of over $7 billion and provided over 65,000 jobs with an annual payroll estimated at $750 million. When factoring in the number of undocumented workers in largely immigrant communities throughout the city, the actual number of jobs and the aggregate payroll may be closer to twice the official figures. By any measure, this represents a major segment of New York City’s economic base and a significant source of goods, services, tax receipts, and jobs in New York City.

There are over 14,000 Bodegas in New York City, representing an economic lifeline for thousands employees and working families. In this tough economic time it’s a must to ensure the survival and prolonged of small business in high impact communities throughout New York City.


The Bodega Association of the United States (ASOBEU) is nonprofit organization with its a 501 (c) 6. The organization is run by a board of directors, all of whom are bodega owners and it’s chaired by its Chairman and President Ramon Murphy. Operations are run by its president and a number of paid consultant and volunteered advisors.

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